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Vol. 24, Issue 4, October 2017

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Journal of Economic Development (JED) is published  by University of Economics HCMC as a monthly from 1994 and a quarterly from July 2012 with assigned code ISSN 1859-1116. 

JED is developed according to international standards of scientific journals. It aims at supporting improvements in researching capability of economists, experts, managers, lecturers and researchers in economics; and publishing research results by both local and foreign contributors.

JED research scope includes theoretical and empirical issues in economic development in Vietnam and the world in such fields as economics, business administration, financial and banking service, macro- and micro-economic growth in the context of international integration and sustainable development.

All papers will be reviewed by leading experts and economic researchers at home or abroad to ensure standards and enhance academic quality of the papers 

JED welcomes all cooperation in reviewing, contributing opinion exchange, technical assistance and distribution. 



The information and opinions presented in the Journal of Economic Development reflect the views of the authors and contributors of the articles. The Journal of Economic Development, the Editorial Board, or the Publisher, the UEH Publishing House, therefore, cannot be held responsible for errors or consequences particularly arising from the adoption of information contained in this journal.

The Publisher and the Editorial Board accept no liability whatsoever for any such inaccurate or misleading data, information, opinion, or statement resulting from reliance on any of the information or views expressed in this publication.